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A Step Beyound cover

A Step Beyond: A Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning

За чертой: Все о сверхмарафоне


Foreword by Bernd Heinrich

Introduction by Don Allison

Chapter 1: Training and Racing Advice

Chapter 2: Physiology

Chapter 3: Making History

  • The History of a Wonderful Event: The 24-Hour Race
  • Pheidippides — Marathoner or Ultramarathoner?
  • Captain Barclay: Nineteenth Century Super Ultrarunner
  • The Pedestriennes — Female Ultra Stars of the 19th Century
  • The Accuracy of Our Forebears
  • One Mile Per Hour Isn't So Difficult— Or Is It?
  • Across America on Foot: The Bunion Derbies of 1928 and 1929
  • Britain's End-to-End: The Best of Races, The Worst of Races

Chapter 4: Races and Places

Chapter 5: Ultra People

  • Bios and Interviews
  • Arthur Newton: A Pioneer of Ultrarunning
  • Ted Corbitt: An Ultrarunning Pioneer
  • Ann Trason: Ultra Wonder Woman
  • Yiannis Kouros: Modern Day Greek Mythology
  • Masters of the 48-Hour Race: Sue Ellen Trapp and Sue Olsen
  • 20 Years at Western States, 20 Questions for Tim Twietmeyer
  • Helen Klein: Grand Slam Grandma
  • The Running Tribe: Tarahumara Indians
  • Bernd Heinrich: The Animal Kingdom, Evolution, and Running
  • Twenty-Something— The Younger Ultrarunner

Chapter 6: Philosophy

  • The Philosophy of Ultrarunning: Why Do We Do It?
  • Rules for Being an Ultrarunner
  • DNF: When Success is a Three-Letter Word
  • Living With Humiliation
  • Running a 100-Mile? Leave Your Aggression at Home
  • Cheaters
  • The Back of the Packer: It's a Different Event
  • Psychological and Emotional Responses to Injury
  • 24 часа бега / 24 Hours — A Run (перевод: Д. Попов)
  • Reflections on Ultrarunning and Religion
  • Winners and Losers

Chapter 7: Humor

  • What's So Funny About Ultrarunning?
  • Living With an Ultrarunner: It's Mot Always So Easy
  • Unlocking the Secrets of The World's Greatest Ultrarunner (TWGU)
  • From the South: The Bigger They Are . . .
  • So You Think You Are Slow?
  • A Handy Organic Training Aid for Winter Running
  • Ultrarunning Terms and Names
  • Waramaug: The Movie
  • Who Wants to be an Ultrarunner?
  • You Might Be An Ultrarunner If...


  • Appendix I Gear and Equipment for Ultrarunning
  • Appendix II Suppliers Directory
  • Appendix III A Historical Timeline of Ultrarunning
  • Appendix IV Additional Information on Ultrarunning
  • Appendix V Major Ultra Races
  • Appendix VI Author Biographies
  • Appendix VII Bibliography


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